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USPC Dressage Championships East

July 25-29, 2018 - Tryon, NC

Training Test 3, Ride 2 2018

No. Rider Horse & Owner Q C Score Place
26Morgan Prichard (Open) Oliver
Morgan Prichard
158.0 71.818%1
49Macie Sykes (Open) Samson
Macie Sykes
157.0 71.364%2
9Darby Waund (Open) Mozer
Darby Waund
156.0 70.909%3
44Max Rabenstein (Open) Noodlles
Max Rabenstein
150.0 68.182%4
48Jessica Stompor (Open) Jasper
Jessica Stompor
149.0 67.727%5
13Sabrina Salley (Open) Siren Aka Aspen
Sabrina Salley
147.0 66.818%6
1Isabella DelaHousaye (Open) Strider
Isabella DelaHousaye
147.0 66.818%7
39Deven Ziegert (Open) Amazing Grace
Deven Ziegert
146.5 66.591%8
14Janna Scholtz (Open) CJ
Janna Scholtz
146.0 66.364%9
23Lillian Kager (Open) Paisley Pony
Lillian Kager
146.0 66.364%10
47Caroline Sipe (Open) Gallod Brenin
Caroline Sipe
145.5 66.136%11
34Brigid Ziegler (Open) Appealing Matt
Brigid Ziegler
145.0 65.909%12
41Emma Plafcan (Open) Big Bear's Royal Finnegan
Emma Plafcan
144.5 65.682%13
42Hannah Lea Domohowski (Open) Abby
Hannah Lea Domohowski
144.5 65.682%14
43Lauren Hagerman (Open) Rumor Has It
Lauren Hagerman
144.0 65.455%15
22Samantha Ingerson (Open) Cha Cha
Samantha Ingerson
141.5 64.318%16
32Annalee Atkinson (Open) Pinball Wizard
Annalee Atkinson
141.0 64.091%17
27Diana Jacobs (Open) Scottish Record
Diana Jacobs
139.0 63.182%18
46Emerson Padgett (Open) Gold Rush
Emerson Padgett
138.5 62.955%19
31Sarah Walton (Open) The Huntsman
Sarah Walton
137.5 62.500%20
6Jessica Gregory (Open) Mystic Gold
Jessica Gregory
136.5 62.045%21
8Riley Terrell (Open) Saltwater Secret
Riley Terrell
136.0 61.818%22
7Murray Taylor (Open) Donovan
Murray Taylor
133.0 60.455%23
24Gabrielle Paxson (Open) Look Before you Leap
Gabrielle Paxson
132.5 60.227%24
2Hannah Peterson (Open) Willow
Hannah Peterson
131.5 59.773%25
3Jemma Przybocki (Open) Primarily Pink "Brynn"
Jemma Przybocki
131.5 59.773%26
11Samuel Creveling (Open) Major
Samuel Creveling
130.0 59.091%27
36Amanda Purcell (Open) Ruby County
Amanda Purcell
129.0 58.636%28
4Alexis Weitzel (Open) That's Major Cool
Alexis Weitzel
128.5 58.409%29
33Marina Junglen (Open) Lady Shenandoah
Marina Junglen
128.0 58.182%30
38Evelyn Washburn (Open) Hayley
Evelyn Washburn
126.0 57.273%31
21Jocelyn Hunt (Open) Sky's the Limit
Jocelyn Hunt
125.0 56.818%32
37Ivy Shushok (Open) The Horse Who Lived
Ivy Shushok
123.0 55.909%33
18Pamela Stocksdale (Open) Pipe Creek Pebbles
Pamela Stocksdale
121.0 55.000%34
29Gabby Razzi (Open) BRYN TARAN IRIS
Gabby Razzi
115.5 52.500%35
16Lucille Hooper (Open) Caesar
Lucille Hooper
110.5 50.227%36
28Julia Magsam (Open) Widespread Panic
Julia Magsam
107.0 48.636%37

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