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NER Dressage Rally

June 12, 2016 - Durham, ME

Introductory Level Test B Introductory Sun 2016

No. Rider Horse & Owner Q C Score Place
29Lisa Ettinger (JR/YR) Mira
Lisa Ettinger
112.5 70.313%1
25Eleanor McMahon (JR/YR) Buttercup
Eleanor McMahon
106.0 66.250%2
41Adelin Barstow (JR/YR) Paxton Abbey
Adeline Barstow
105.5 65.938%3
48Eyana Brimigion (JR/YR) Stanley
Darcy Whisenant
104.5 65.313%4
45Julia House (JR/YR) Appealing Promise
Julia House
104.0 65.000%5
39Megan Warren (JR/YR) Sam I Am
Emily Warner
103.5 64.688%6T
46Grace Keenan (JR/YR) Konundrum
Diane Kane
103.5 64.688%6T
14Lauren Brooks (JR/YR) Duke of Windsor
Lauren Brooks
103.0 64.375%8
47Juliet Bolduc (JR/YR) Indigo
Juliet Bolduc
103.0 64.375%9
43Avah Bedard (JR/YR) Zoe
Avah Bedard
103.0 64.375%10
6Maddie Hurley (JR/YR) Steinway
Hananah Poulin
102.5 64.063%11
3Cecily Niese (JR/YR) Johnny Cash
Cecily Niese
102.0 63.750%12
32Chloe Bryant (JR/YR) Hildy
Chloe Bryant
102.0 63.750%13
24Grace Frederick (JR/YR) I Love Lucy
Grace Frederick
101.0 63.125%14
42Megan Montoy (JR/YR) Zoe
Megan Montoty
100.5 62.813%15
40Laney Vanadestine (JR/YR) Bebe Gun
Laney Vanadestine
100.0 62.500%16
17Madison Kane (JR/YR) Galveston
Madison Kane
99.5 62.188%17
33Clara Goltz (JR/YR) Tinkerbelle
Clara Goltz
99.0 61.875%18
51Shadow Poindexter (JR/YR) Cisco Kid
Darcy Whisenant
99.0 61.875%19
44Gina Carbonne (JR/YR) Kozette
Kane Kountry Farm
98.0 61.250%20
49Mirabella Driscoll (JR/YR) Lord of Detail
Lexi Whisenant
98.0 61.250%21
5Abby Washo (JR/YR) Percy's Perception
Abby Washo
97.0 60.625%22
23Lyndsay Hamilton (JR/YR) Soc It's Neat Sis
Lyndsay Hamilton
95.5 59.688%23
50Carley Bunge (JR/YR) A Cute Image
Carley Bunge
95.0 59.375%24
53Lexi Dorman (JR/YR) Maxwell
Darcy Whisenant
94.0 58.750%25
16Addison Clukey (JR/YR) My Sunny Boy
Addison Clukey
94.0 58.750%26
18Alyah Lebreton (JR/YR) Champ
Alyah Lebreton
93.5 58.438%27
10Kelsey Young (JR/YR) Gus
Kelsey Young
88.5 55.313%28
21Madison Bacon (JR/YR) Brodie
Madison Bacon
88.0 55.000%29

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