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USPC Festival Dressage Championships

July 20-23, 2021 - Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY

Mod Tr. Ride 2 Tr2 2021

No. Rider Horse & Owner Q C Score Place
22Emma Burk (Open) Cyprinus Carpio
Emma Burk
213.5 73.621%1
57Peytyn Geer (Open) Dublin Red
Peytyn Geer
211.0 72.759%2
7Emma Chin (Open) Malibu Gold
Emma Chin
205.5 70.862%3
51Uma Kraskin (Open) Habibi
Uma Kraskin
201.5 69.483%4
46Anora Jucknies (Open) Cathleen
Anora Jucknies
199.0 68.621%5
11Galina Kuzara (Open) Le Jewel
Galina Kuzara
198.0 68.276%6
58Olivia Gmerek (Open) Sherlock
Olivia Gmerek
197.0 67.931%7
44Elizabeth Ontiveros (Open) LV High Country Wrangler
Elizabeth Ontiveros
196.0 67.586%8
24Ella Riley (Open) GOAT
Ella Riley
195.0 67.241%9
52Leonor Gonzalez (Open) Lumina
Leonor Gonzalez
195.0 67.241%10
59Carlie Mahony (Open) Boston
Carlie Mahony
194.0 66.897%11
26Baylee Foreman (Open) Light in the Shadows
Baylee Foreman
190.5 65.690%12
56Abigail Mullen (Open) Mocha
Abigail Mullen
190.5 65.690%13
14Molly Shie (Open) Vessel Seven
Molly Shie
189.5 65.345%14
34Kaitlyn Gallagher (Open) Goldie
Kaitlyn Gallagher
189.0 65.172%15
27Isabella Ahlum (Open) Mischief Managed
Isabella Ahlum
186.5 64.310%16
47Jolene Grover (Open) Avon
Jolene Grover
186.0 64.138%17
54Gabrielle Worthmann (Open) Sparky
Gabrielle Worthmann
185.5 63.966%18
19Lucy Silva (Open) Chance By Tip
Lucy Silva
185.0 63.793%19
8Darby Reinbold (Open) Good Graces
Darby Reinbold
184.5 63.621%20
62Lucy Anstey-Pape (Open) Edgar
Lucy Anstey-Pape
184.5 63.621%21
21Maria Koss (Open) Libby
Maria Koss
184.0 63.448%22
13Isabella Lytle (Open) Darrow
Isabella Lytle
184.0 63.448%23
4Harry Palmer (Open) Nola
Harry Palmer
183.5 63.276%24
53Addison Roberts (Open) Patrick
Addison Roberts
183.0 63.103%25
9Mia Savelloni (Open) Eye Catching Eve
Mia Savelloni
183.0 63.103%26
28Olivia Hicok (Open) Alley
Olivia Hicok
180.5 62.241%27
3Payden McLaughlin (Open) Luck Dragon
Payden McLaughlin
179.5 61.897%28
37Katy Stone (Open) Cortina
Katy Stone
179.5 61.897%29
16Alice Elliott (Open) Peggy Sue Got Married
Alice Elliott
179.0 61.724%30
29Elisabeth Tansey (Open) Jazzmin
Elisabeth Tansey
178.0 61.379%31
2Madelon Harris (Open) Dotti
Madelon Harris
177.0 61.034%32
63Charlotte Saraceni (Open) One Hot Chick
Charlotte Saraceni
176.5 60.862%33
43Natalie Nelson (Open) Flynn
Natalie Nelson
176.0 60.690%34
48Caroline Kuhnert (Open) Kermit
Caroline Kuhnert
175.0 60.345%35
49Samantha Smith (Open) Leo
Samantha Smith
173.5 59.828%36
64Clare Shelby (Open) Fiona
Clare Shelby
173.0 59.655%37
36Victoria Tupper (Open) Blue Jeans
Victoria Tupper
172.5 59.483%38
1Haven Daigle (Open) Indy
Haven Daigle
172.0 59.310%39
6Kira Brazelton (Open) Domino
Kira Brazelton
168.0 57.931%40T
61Molly Mangefrida (Open) Quiz
Molly Mangefrida
168.0 57.931%40T
17Sydney Behrmann (Open) Star
Sydney Behrmann
165.5 57.069%42
12Natalie Eisaman (Open) Tango
Natalie Eisaman
162.5 56.034%43T
42Natalie Boone (Open) Yoshi
Natalie Boone
162.5 56.034%43T
18Tea Koehler (Open) Bennys Babygirl
Te'a Koehler
162.0 55.862%45
31Helena Fynn (Open) Dipped in Chocolate
Helena Fynn
154.0 53.103%46
23Savannah Farrell (Open) Belle
Savannah Farrell
33Keira Ahearn (Open) Polka at night
Keira Ahearn
38Brooke Townsing (Open) Noodle
Brooke Townsing

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